k-Space is excited about an upcoming AVS webinar that we will be attending in just a few short weeks. The webinar, titled “Stress Evolution During Thin Film Deposition”, will be instructed by Gregory Abadias. Gregory is a professor in the Physics and Materials Science Department at Institut Pprime, Université de Poitiers Chasseneuil-Futuroscope in France. He is also an experienced kSA MOS user. We hope you will join us at this informative and educational web event on August 26, 2020.

Here are some details, directly from the AVS brochure:

Webinar Description
Understanding the origin of stress in thin films produced by physical vapor deposition (PVD) is of key importance as excessive stress levels can lead to premature failure by cracking, buckling or interfacial delamination, which compromises device durability. This webinar will provide an overview on how film stress develops during deposition, how it is affected by the main process parameters, and how to mitigate it. Selected examples from epitaxial, amorphous and polycrystalline thin films will be highlighted, with emphasis on metallic thin films. Models explaining the generation and relaxation of stress will be presented and discussed.

Webinar Objectives
• Learn the different stress sources in PVD thin films
• Identify the links between growth stages and intrinsic stress evolution during polycrystalline film growth
• Provide the basic concepts and underlying atomistic and microscopic mechanisms at the origin of stress generation and relaxation
• Determination of residual stress by wafer curvature or depth-resolved techniques (XRD, FIB-DIC) and their limitations
• Understand the influence of microstructure (grain size, texture) and main process parameters on the stress development
• Understand the role of energetic species, involved during magnetron sputtering, HiPIMS or ion-beam assisted deposition, on defect incorporation and compressive stress build-up
• Gain knowledge on stress manipulation strategies to control and engineer stress for specific applications

Who Should Attend
This webinar is intended for researchers, students, technologists and others involved in the physical vapor deposition of thin films and looking to gain an understanding or broaden their knowledge on how intrinsic stress develops during thin film deposition, and how to mitigate it. The course will be beneficial to a large audience, from young scientists to engineers, as various aspects including basic concepts and modelling, instrumentation methods for measuring stress and strategies to control stress levels will be covered.

You can get more details and register to attend at https://avs.swoogo.com/webinar_stress.

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