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The Most Powerful RHEED Analysis System Available

Exploit the Power of RHEED with the kSA 400!

Dynamic crystal growth information at your fingertips!

The kSA 400 puts the power of Reflection High-Energy Electron Diffraction (RHEED) at your fingertips. Whether analyzing a static diffraction pattern obtained during MBE, PLD, or PVD, or acquiring and analyzing real-time crystallographic data during high-speed substrate rotation, the kSA 400 helps you exploit the valuable wealth of information contained within the RHEED pattern. This flexible system enables the analysis of virtually any dynamic image feature and, with one of many additional options, automatically controls the electron gun for such tasks as acquiring RHEED rocking curves or quickly ramping to pre-defined electron gun settings.


"The single most critical thing for me on a day-to-day basis is that when you actually start doing a deposition, you'll actually see the entire electron diffraction pattern pulse due to layer-by-layer growth. With the kSA 400, inside a minute – boom – I've got not only a single point worth of data; I've got multiple points of data and can average them together to get really, really accurate deposition rates."

–Robert Sacks, Director of Molecular Beam Epitaxy at Picometrix

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