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The International Conference on Molecular Beam Epitaxy (ICMBE 2021) covers new developments in fundamental and applied molecular beam epitaxy research. This includes advances in the technique, synthesis of new materials, discovery of new physical properties, formation of novel heterostructures, and the development of innovative devices.

The ICMBE 2021 program committee consists of several researchers who have published papers on experiments they conducted using k-Space metrology tools, including Zbig Wasilweski (kSA 400 RHEED system and kSA BandiT), Kurt Eyink (kSA 400 RHEED system and kSA BandiT), and Darrell Schlom (kSA 400 RHEED system, kSA BandiT, and kSA MOS).

k-Space will be exhibiting thin film metrology tools for MBE applications, so please stop by and visit!


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