62nd EMC

The Electronic Materials Conference (EMC) focuses on the preparation, characterization, and use of electronic materials. Kris Bertness of the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) will chair this year’s conference. NIST is a long-time user of our thin film metrology tools. Some of the topical sessions this year include solar cell and thermoelectric materials, narrow bandgap materials like GaSb and InAs, and nanoscale material structures such as quantum dots and nanowires.

The k-Space booth will display product offerings specific to the oxide and wide Bandgap semiconductors sessions. Stop by to learn more about how kSA thin film metrology can be used for your deposition application or for your specific materials. This includes one of our newer metrology tools, the kSA UV BandiT for material growth on Ga2O3, AlN, SiC, and Diamond substrates.

Representative: k-Space Associates

Location: Columbus, OH

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