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kSA MOS Ultra/ThermalScan References

k-Space references are a compilation of published papers that either offer a review of the techniques used by the kSA MOS Ultra/ThermalScan, or specifically use the kSA MOS Ultra/ThermalScan for work within the paper

Cyclic mechanical behavior of thin layers of copper: A theoretical and numerical study
Klaus Fellner, Thomas Antretter, Peter F Fuchs and Tiphaine Pélisset

J Strain Analysis, 2016, Vol. 51(2) 161-169

Thermal conductivity of sputtered amorphous Ge films
Zhan, Tianzhuo, Yibin Xu, Masahiro Goto, Yoshihisa Tanaka, Ryozo Kato, Michiko Sasaki, and Yutaka Kagawa

AIP Advances 4, no. 2 (2014): 027126

Passivation of AlGaN/GaN HEMT by Silicon Nitride
Dayal, S., Sunil Kumar, Sudhir Kumar, H. Arora, R. Laishram, R. K. Chaubey, and B. K. Sehgal

Physics of Semiconductor Devices, pp. 141-143. Springer International Publishing, 2014

Thermal stability on Mo/B4C multilayers
Barthelmess, Miriam, and Saša Bajt.

International Society for Optics and Photonics, 2011

GaN-based LEDs grown on 6-inch diameter Si (111) substrates by MOVPE
Zhu, D., C. McAleese, K. K. McLaughlin, M. Häberlen, C. O. Salcianu, E. J. Thrush, M. J. Kappers et al

SPIE OPTO: Integrated Optoelectronic Devices, pp. 723118-723118. International Society for Optics and Photonics, 2009