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kSA MOS Ultra/ThermalScan References

k-Space references are a compilation of published papers that either offer a review of the techniques used by the kSA MOS Ultra/ThermalScan, or specifically use the kSA MOS Ultra/ThermalScan for work within the paper

Effect of residual gas on structural, electrical and mechanical properties of niobium films deposited by magnetron sputtering deposition
Lanruo Wang, Yuan Zhong, Jinjin Li, Wenhui Cao, Qing Zhong, Xueshen Wang, and Xu Li

Mater. Res. Express 5 (2018) 046410

Direct, CMOS InLine Process Flow Compatible, Sub 100 °C Cu–Cu Thermocompression Bonding Using Stress Engineering
Asisa Kumar Panigrahi, Tamal Ghosh, C. Hemanth Kumar, Shiv Govind Singh, Siva Rama Krishna Vanjari

Electronic Materials Letters (2018) 14:32 8–335

Cyclic mechanical behavior of thin layers of copper: A theoretical and numerical study
Klaus Fellner, Thomas Antretter, Peter F Fuchs and Tiphaine Pélisset

J Strain Analysis, 2016, Vol. 51(2) 161-169

Thermal conductivity of sputtered amorphous Ge films
Zhan, Tianzhuo, Yibin Xu, Masahiro Goto, Yoshihisa Tanaka, Ryozo Kato, Michiko Sasaki, and Yutaka Kagawa

AIP Advances 4, no. 2 (2014): 027126

Passivation of AlGaN/GaN HEMT by Silicon Nitride
Dayal, S., Sunil Kumar, Sudhir Kumar, H. Arora, R. Laishram, R. K. Chaubey, and B. K. Sehgal

Physics of Semiconductor Devices, pp. 141-143. Springer International Publishing, 2014

Thermal stability on Mo/B4C multilayers
Barthelmess, Miriam, and Saša Bajt.

International Society for Optics and Photonics, 2011

GaN-based LEDs grown on 6-inch diameter Si (111) substrates by MOVPE
Zhu, D., C. McAleese, K. K. McLaughlin, M. Häberlen, C. O. Salcianu, E. J. Thrush, M. J. Kappers et al

SPIE OPTO: Integrated Optoelectronic Devices, pp. 723118-723118. International Society for Optics and Photonics, 2009