SpectraTempImagine having an absolute temperature measurement without any prior calibration. It’s possible with the kSA SpectraTemp.

kSA SpectraTemp is an easy to use, non-contact, optically-based temperature measurement and calibration tool that measures absolute temperature. Using patented analysis of the spectral radiation profile, kSA SpectraTemp can determine absolute temperature without any prior temperature calibration or knowledge of the material emissivity.

Achieve high accuracy and repeatability in your temperature measurements.

SpectraTemp-Temperature-Screen-Shot1It’s an easy solution for pyrometer calibration, blackbody sources, and kSA ECP module calibration at the beginning of each growth with no system downtime. Within seconds the absolute blackbody temperature is available.

Use it to measure absolute temperature of the MOCVD wafer carrier without any prior calibration, allowing you to calibrate pyrometers between reactors.

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