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kSA RateRat Pro References

k-Space references are a compilation of published papers that either offer a review of the techniques used by the kSA RateRat Pro, or specifically use the kSA RateRat Pro for work within the paper.

In Situ Pre-Growth Calibration Using Reflectance as a Control Strategy for MOCVD Fabrication of Device Structures
William G. Breiland, Hong Q. Hou, Herman C. Chui, and Burrel E. Hammons, Sandia National Laboratories

Journal of Crystal Growth, 174(1997)564.

In Situ Reflectance and Virtual Interface Analysis for Compound Semiconductor Process Control
William G. Breiland, Hong Q. Hou, Burrel E. Hammons, and John F. Klem, Sandia National Laboratories

XXVIII SOTAPOCS Symposium, Electrochemical Society, San Diego, CA, May 3-8, 1998