The k-Space Integrated Control for Epitaxy system (ICE) is a modular in situ metrology tool designed for today’s MOCVD and MBE reactors. It combines kSA MOS, and kSA RateRat Pro patented technologies along with an Emissivity Corrected Pyrometry (ECPR) module. The kSA ICE modular design allows the user to specify which modules will be used in their kSA ICE configuration.

By integrating these various measurement modules into a single optics head, the kSA ICE metrology system is capable of measuring real-time temperature, reflectivity, growth rate, film thickness, substrate curvature and film stress.  The kSA ICE tool can handle wafer-resolved measurement for rotation speeds up to 1,500 RPM. Keep cool while gaining insight into your MOCVD or MBE process, maximizing device performance, and limiting process variation to increase yields with kSA ICE!

For more information see the ICE for MOCVD Product Specification Sheet →
For more information see the ICE for MBE Product Specification Sheet →

The kSA ICE can incorporate three temperature measurement modules.