We at k-Space are well known for our powerful analysis software and our commitment to continuously improving the features in our software products. In the newest versions of our software, we have added the ability to copy both charts and the data used to produce the charts into the Windows clipboard.

In prior versions of our software, users could copy the images of the analysis charts and paste them into other applications. We have enhanced this feature to also copy the numerical data associated with the charts. When you paste the data from the clipboard into a text-based application, such as Microsoft Word or Notepad, it will paste the numerical data. When you paste the data into a graphics application, it will paste the image. For Microsoft Excel, you have the option to paste the numerical data or the image. This added flexibility makes it easier to analyze your data outside of the k-Space software programs.

If you are interested in this feature, contact us at requestinfo@k-space.com to learn about upgrading your software.

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