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New Research Uses k-Space Metrology

published on 05/28/2019

k-Space metrology tools are routinely used in studies around the world. References are available so that others can gain insight into how k-Space metrology tools are used for research in thin-films and other areas, and how they can be utilized in production environments. The following references for the kSA MOS, kSA MOS UltraScan/ThermalScan, kSA BandiT, and kSA 400 were recently added:


kSA MOS (measures and provides feedback for curvature, stress, reflectivity, and growth rate in situ)

GaN Heteroepitaxy on Strain-Engineered (111) Si/Si1−xGex
Anushka Bansal, Nathan C. Martin, Ke Wang, Joan M. Redwing

Enhanced Properties of Tungsten Films by High-power Impulse Magnetron Sputtering
A.M.Engwall, S.J.Shin, J.Bae, Y.M.Wanga

Dislocation Bending and Stress Evolution in Mg-doped GaN Films on Si Substrates
Rohith Soman, Nagaboopathy Mohan, Hareesh Chandrasekar, Navakanta Bhat, and Srinivasan Raghavan

Stresses in Thin Films: An Experimental Study
N. Sharma, M. Hooda, S. K. Sharma

Mechanics of Electrodes in High Capacity Lithium Ion Batteries
Garrett Ransford Hardin

Tailoring Structural and Energy-related Properties of Thin Films Using HiPIMS
Felipe Cemin


kSA MOS UltraScan/ThermalScan (ex situ mapping of curvature, stress, tilt, and bow height under temperature changes)

Finite-element-method Study of the Effect of Thin-film Residual Stresses on High-order Aberrations of Deformable Mirrors
Yaoping Zhang, Guoyun Long, Hong Zhou, Junqi Fan, Hao Cui, Lin Cheng

Broadband High-Reflection Dielectric PVD Coating with Low Stress and High Adhesion on PMMA
Zizheng Li, Qiang Li, Xiangqian Quan, Xin Zhang, Chi Song, Haigui Yang, Xiaoyi Wang and Jinsong Gao


kSA BandiT (absolute temperature measurement in ranges that pyrometers can’t measure)

Microstructural Evolution of High Quality AlN Grown by PAMBE Under Different Growth Conditions
Neha Aggarwal, Shibinv Krishna, Shubhendra Kumar Jain, Monu Mishra, K.K. Maury, Sandeep Singh, Govind Gupta

Kinetically Controlled Dewetting of Thin GaAs Cap from an ErAs/GaAs Nanoparticle Composite Layer
Yuanchang Zhang, Kurt G. Eyink, Brittany Urwin, Krishnamurthy Mahalingam, Madelyn R. Hill, and Larry Grazulis

Terahertz Excitation Spectra of GaAsBi Alloys
V Pačebutas, S Stanionytė, A Arlauskas, R Norkus, R Butkutė, A Geižutis, B Čechavičius and A Krotkus

Unusual Step Meandering Due to Ehrlich-Schwobel Barrier in GaN Epitaxy on the N-polar Surface
Henryk Turski, Filip Krzyżewski, AnnaFeduniewicz-Żmuda, Pawel Wolny, Marcin Siekacz, Grzegorz Muziol, Caroline Cheze, Krzesimir Nowakowski-Szukudlarek, Huili Grace Xing, Debdeep Jena, Magdalena Zaluska-Kotur, Czeslaw Skierbiszewski


kSA 400 (analytical RHEED system)

Real-time Monitoring and Control of Nitride Growth Rates by Metal Modulated Epitaxy
Kent L. Averett, John B. Hatch, Kurt G. Eyink, Cynthia T. Bowers, Krishnamurthy Mahalingam


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