k-Space Associates, Inc.

kSA BandiT Now Available in a UV/VIS Model

published on 02/27/2019

The kSA BandiT is now available in a UV/VIS model! This allows reproducible substrate temperature determination for IR-transparent, wide band-gap materials including GaN, GaN on sapphire, SiC, Ga2O3, AlN, and AlN on sapphire. The kSA UV BandiT makes a direct measurement of the wafer or film temperature, not the temperature of a backside metal coating or the wafer carrier temperature.


Using a new high-power, laser-driven light source and a high sensitivity detector, the new UV BandiT can measure the temperature-dependent optical absorption band edge wavelength in the 190-500 nm range. Testing on these substrates indicates that wafer temperature measurements from ~ 200-1300°C are achievable, while still maintaining kSA BandiT’s insensitivity to changing viewport transmission, stray light, and signal contribution from substrate or source heaters. Please see the kSA UV BandiT  product specifications for more information.