k-Space Associates, Inc.

k-Space Wishes the Best for Its 2019 Summer Interns!

published on 08/23/2019

This summer k-Space has had the pleasure of having three interns; one in the marketing department and two in the production department.

Haden Beaudoin was a marketing intern who helped in projects in several areas, including the production of the Beam Alignment Substrate video, which informs users on how to make their RHEED system beam alignment easier. Haden is returning to Michigan State University for his senior year, completing a major in marketing and a minor in documentary production.

Nick Greca and Andrew (Drew) Matthews both worked in production, helping where needed and developing new skills. Nick is going to the College for Creative Studies in Detroit where he will study product design. He has been at k-Space for two summers. Andrew has been with k-Space for a full year and is headed to the University of Michigan to study aerospace engineering.

All three interns did an excellent job in helping k-Space while at the same time learning valuable skills to assist them in their future endeavors. Congratulations, best wishes, and stop in anytime to say Hi!