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k-Space Tools Aid New Research in Multiple Application Areas

published on 08/27/2018

To offer customers and potential customers insight into how k-Space tools are used in cutting edge research, k-Space maintains a list of applicable publications under each k-Space product. While these are by no means complete lists, they are an excellent resource for customers.

We have recently added 9 new references to our website pertaining to kSA BandiT, kSA MOS, and kSA UltraScan. We have also added a new application note which is based on a poster presented by First Solar, Keyence, and k-Space at the 2018 NREL PV Reliability Workshop and highlights in-line process control tools offered by k-Space.

Figure 1: The measurement set up and a schematic of the kSA MOS laser array.

The newly referenced publications cover the application areas of electro-thermal aging, lithiation of Sn electrodes, optical coatings, thermocompression bonding, properties of niobium films, and more. Specifically, the “Mechanisms of power module source metal degradation during electro-thermal aging” paper by Roberta Ruffilli, Mounira Berkani, Philippe Dupuy, Stephane Lefebvre, Yann Weber, and Marc Legros, examines aluminum metallization reliability in power MOSFETs [1].  They used the kSA MOS to measure stress variation as a function of temperature from -90 °C to 350 °C. The figure to the right shows the measurement set up and a schematic of the kSA MOS laser array.  The schematic shows convex curvature with increasing temperature and thus a tensile film, and a reduction in spot spacing with decreasing temperature indicating a compressive film.

Check out the references under each product’s page or under the references menu. If you would like your paper added to our reference list, please email us at [email protected] with your publication details and we will be happy to add it to our site.

[1] Ruffilli R., et. al., Microelectronics Reliability (2017)