k-Space Associates, Inc. is proud to announce that they shipped five glass breakage and defect detection metrology systems to the U.S. and Asia for a large international manufacturing customer.

The kSA Glass Breakage and Defect Detection tool is an inline vision-based metrology system that determines Go/No-Go (Pass/Fail) conditions for every glass-based panel that passes under its inspection region. The tool identifies defects such as cracks, chips, scratches, digs, and pinholes. Identifying these defects in real-time reduces downtime and scrap costs.

k-Space CEO, Darryl Barlett, stated, “We enjoy working with customers in the glass and solar industries to innovate metrology systems that contribute to their efficiency and profitability. In this case, the customer needed an inline system that detects crack and chip failures in the panels on the order of ~ 1mm or larger. We implemented targeted lighting technology and high-resolution line scan cameras to properly detect the defects while the panels are moving at relatively high line speeds. And we designed the hardware and software to integrate into the customer’s existing factory control and PLC infrastructure.”

To learn more about k-Space glass breakage and defect detection metrology contact requestinfo@k-space.com.

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