k-Space Associates, Inc. recently fulfilled a large order for a custom kSA MOS ThermalScan TS50 for a customer in South Korea. The ex situ thin-film metrology system is a fully integrated solution that measures thermally induced curvature, thin-film stress, bow height, and surface tilt. The system combines k-Space’s patented high-resolution Multi-beam Optical Sensor (MOS) with a fully integrated vacuum heating system and linear stage for easy sample entry and removal.  It can accommodate wafers up to 100mm in diameter and can heat up to 1000°C in vacuum or in partial pressures of nitrogen or argon.

“Frequently, our customers have very specific measurement constraints that cannot be met with standard metrology systems. Our team of experienced physicists and software, electrical, and mechanical engineers work closely with our customers to design a custom system that meets their exact specifications. Our customer in South Korea provided their requirements, and we were able to customize our kSA MOS ThermalScan system for them,” stated Darryl Barlett, CEO of k-Space Associates, Inc.

These types of measurement systems are needed in the market because thermally induced curvature and thin-film stress are critical parameters when it comes to performance and manufacture of devices under high temperature conditions.

To learn more about the kSA MOS ThermalScan, visit https://www.k-space.com/product/mos-scan/.

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