k-Space Associates, Inc., a leading thin-film metrology manufacturer, received a multi-system order from Veeco Instruments, Inc. The Veeco order consisted of multiple units each of kSA UV BandiT, kSA MOS with spectral reflectance, and kSA 400 metrology systems.

Darryl Barlett, CEO of k-Space, said, “k-Space and Veeco have a long and successful partnership working together in the molecular beam epitaxy (MBE) deposition market. We have worked closely with Veeco to supply in situ metrology that communicates directly with Veeco’s control software, giving the end user complete monitoring and control over their deposition process. We are excited to integrate multiple metrology tools on this multi-deposition chamber Veeco GEN200® MBE system”.

The kSA UV BandiT is designed for in situ temperature monitoring of wide bandgap semiconductors in ranges that pyrometers can’t measure, including temperatures of substrates that are transparent in the IR and visible wavelength ranges. The kSA UV BandiT monitors temperature via band-edge based absorption spectra in the range of 200-500 nm. The kSA MOS is a complete curvature, stress, reflectivity, and growth rate in situ metrology instrument. k-Space engineers created a custom configuration that includes capabilities for both standard kSA MOS measurements and spectral reflectance monitoring in the 380-1100 nm range. Both the kSA BandiT and kSA MOS use kSA patented technology. The kSA 400 is a powerful analytical Reflection High-Energy Electron Diffraction (RHEED) system with state-of-the-art software. This system captures static and real-time data and uses the robust analysis tools in the software to analyze the RHEED data.

Veeco will incorporate the kSA metrology tools onto a multi-deposition chamber GEN200 MBE system configured for the growth of nitride materials. The GEN200 is a high-performance and cost-effective multi-4” wafer production MBE system, used in leading production MBE facilities worldwide.

k-Space will ship the systems to Veeco this summer for eventual installation at the customer site. For more information about k-Space Associates, Inc. thin-film metrology solutions, visit www.k-space.com.

About Veeco
Veeco (NASDAQ: VECO) is an innovative manufacturer of semiconductor process equipment. Our proven ion beam, laser annealing, lithography, molecular beam epitaxy, atomic layer deposition, MOCVD and single wafer etch & clean technologies play an integral role in the fabrication and packaging of advanced semiconductor devices. With equipment designed to optimize performance, yield and cost of ownership, Veeco holds leading technology positions in the markets we serve. To learn more about Veeco’s systems and service offerings, visit www.veeco.com.

About k-Space Associates, Inc.
k-Space Associates, Inc. (www.k-space.com) is a leading metrology supplier of advanced instrumentation and software for research and production facilities. Founded in 1992, its systems are used for monitoring dimensions, wafer temperature, thin-film stressdeposition rate, thickness, material absorption properties, and Reflection High Energy Electron Diffraction (RHEED). Backed by a commitment to ongoing support, these solutions are currently used worldwide in research and production line monitoring of multiple industries. Extensive input and close collaboration with its worldwide customer base have led to the development of today’s most powerful metrology.

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