k-Space Associates, Inc.

Integrated Control for Epitaxy (ICE) for MBE Literature Now Available

published on 04/26/2019

The k-Space Integrated Control for Epitaxy (kSA ICE) metrology tool has traditionally been used for growth monitoring and control on MOCVD reactors. MBE systems can also benefit from this technology through process control to improve efficiency and product quality. With optics customized to accommodate the longer optical path lengths and large substrate wobble often found in MBE systems, this tool can perform continuous reflectivity measurements at a working distance of up to 1m. Although the substrate wobble introduces a considerable amount of variation in the reflectivity signal, kSA ICE produces excellent results due to its combination of high sensitivity, optimized collection optics, and a very robust reflectivity-fitting algorithm. Note that kSA ICE measurements can also be synchronized with the substrate rotation to remove the wobble-induced noise in the reflectivity measurement. You can learn more about thin-film growth rate monitoring, real-time temperature monitoring, and film thickness measurement for MBE in the ICE for MBE literature.