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Wafer Curvature, Bow Height, and Tilt Characterization

  • Standard Wafer Sizes:  2-inch, 3-inch, 100mm, 150mm, 200mm and 300mm.  Wafers/samples must be mirror-like or near mirror-like surface quality (can see reflection in sample)
  • Custom sizes can be measured but may require machining of custom sample holder (quoted separately)
  • Scan Types:
    • line scan
    • Selectable area scan, up to full wafer with 5mm edge exclusion
  • Scan resolution:  1um
  • Maximum radius of curvature and bow height are sample size dependent.  Full area scans can be performed on wafer diameters to 300mm if radius of curvature is >= 10m.
  • Curvature resolution:  <= 2e-5 (1/m)
  • Bow height resolution:  <= 0.01um
  • Tilt resolution:  <= 0.01 arcsec

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Spectral Reflectivity Measurement

  • Wavelength range: 380nm to 1700nm
  • Regulated Quartz Halogen and Xe Light Sources
  • Absolute reflectivity measurements can be made using in-house calibration standards over the 350nm-1100nm range with better than 0.5% absolute reflectivity accuracy

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Absolute Reflectivity and Transmission Measurement

  • Both absolute reflectivity and transmission measurements made at 405nm, 532nm, and 660nm

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