kSA products are used in a wide range of applications in industries such as glass, solar, automotive, building products, and other thin-film industries. kSA products measure and provide process control for important parameters such as dimensions, temperature, deposition rate, film thickness, stress, curvature, bow, reflectivity, surface roughness, and many other material properties. These are measured in real-time by utilizing probes such as lasers, white light, UV light sources, and electron beams to investigate at an atomic level.

Our thin-film analysis tools are used to extract real-time information from today’s most advanced deposition and processing applications within compound semiconductor, silicon semiconductor and photovoltaic advanced thin film production and R&D.

Our custom metrology tools are used for real-time data and process control in a variety of industrial applications.

Sophisticated software analysis and reporting capabilities provide information to better understand the end product or to provide online control during mass production to enhance yield. Tailored optics and fully integrated solutions have been designed for simple mounting and non-invasive monitoring of many applications such as:

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