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Leaders in Advanced Thin-Film Metrology Solutions for Research, Development, and Production

k-Space Associates, Inc. is a leading manufacturer of in-situ, in-line, and ex-situ metrology tools for the semiconductor, thin-film, and photovoltaic (PV) industries.  Our tools are used for monitoring nearly all thin-film deposition processes, including MBE, MOCVD, PLD, PVD, sputtering, and evaporation.  Incorporated in 1992 and driven to supply the best technical support in the industry, our tools are used worldwide in both research and full production monitoring of semiconductor, PV, and thin-film deposition, annealing, and processing applications.


  • ProductkSA BandiT

    Repeatable and Accurate Temperature Measurement

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  • ProductkSA MOS

    2D Real-Time, In-Situ Film and Thermal Stress Monitoring

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  • Product kSA MOS Ultra/Thermal-Scan

    2D Film Stress and Absolute Curvature Mapping

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  • ProductkSA ICE

    Real-Time, In-Situ Process Monitoring and Control for MOCVD

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  • ProductkSA BandiT PV

    In-line PV Process Monitoring to Increase Performance and Yield

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  • ProductkSA RateRat

    Real-time Thickness Monitoring of Multilayer Thin Films

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  • ProductkSA 400

    The World's Leading Analytical RHEED System

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In-House Metrology Services


What do you want to measure?

k-Space metrology tools focus on real-time data acquisition, processing, and analysis of nearly all deposition parameters of importance, including:


Wafer and film temperature
Thin-film stress and strain
Wafer curvature, bow, and tilt
Surface roughness and surface quality
Deposition rate
Film thickness
Optical band gap
Atomic spacing


We also supply ex-situ wafer and surface analysis tools which perform full curvature, stress, and wafer bow mapping on up to 300mm wafers. Please feel free to browse our Applications page, scan through our Products, fill out our online form or contact us for further information. We look forward to hearing from you!


World Class Technical Support

We take pride in providing the best technical support in the industry. No automated queues, no slow response times. When you call, you’ll always get a friendly k-Space person to direct your call to the appropriate engineer. Or, contact us via email – we guarantee we’ll respond within 1 business day. Contact us today so we can discuss your metrology needs.

We look forward to hearing from you!

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